Title: Can I Trust You (2006)

One of the Top 50 Most Frequently Selected Works Added to Favourites by visitors from 3687 artworks submitted by 3687 artists from all over the world during the Round 4 Showdown in October 2008 at the Saatchi Online Gallery, London (an online gallery with over 70 million hits per day!).

Title: Cactus 4 (2006)

Title: Dance with Me (2005)

Title: Underwater (2007)

Title: Movement (2006)

Title: Flowers 150107 (2007)

Title: Fantasy 907 (2007)

Title: Flowers 170107 (2007)

Title: Autumn Fantasy (2007)

Very versatile artist Sylvia Kula holds an ICS Diploma in Commercial Art, loves Fine Art and creates most of her paintings in acrylics, oils and pastels. A natural talent, she has had a passion for painting and drawing since early childhood and after emigrating from Poland to New Zealand in 1981 she now resides in Robina, Gold Coast, Australia and paints full time. Unlike many other artists able only to produce a very limited range of paintings, Sylvia Kula is fully capable of painting beautiful photo-realistic landscapes and portraits, cartoons, great abstracts and everything in between. Human face and hands, the two most difficult subjects in art, are her specialty. Member of the ArtExpoSite.com Art Society, a Non-Profit Organisation, she has won many awards at their exhibitions. She accepts commissions - just email your photo with the approximate required painting size for a quote. She accepts Credit Cards and PayPal and will ship worldwide. Email: SylviaKula@gmail.com . For full information and pricing and availability of Sylvia Kula's paintings visit http://www.ArtExpoSite.com/ . Posters and Prints of some of Sylvia Kula's paintings, in many different sizes, mediums and frames, are now available from http://Poosteers.com/@/Sylvia+Kula and from http://SylviaKula.imagekind.com/ .
http://Poosteers.com/@/Sylvia+Kula offers worldwide delivery within 7 business days and very low postage cost of only 6€ (Euro) to US/Canada/Europe and only 12€ (Euro) to other countries.

View more Sylvia Kula's current and sold paintings on http://www.ArtExpoSite.com/ , the official website of ArtExpoSite.com Art Society, a Non-Profit Organisation Supporting Artists. Offering paintings and sculptures by top New Zealand artists in many different styles, mediums, shapes, colours and sizes and also featuring links to other art resources worldwide as well as Free Games, Free Music, great Hotel and Travel deals, latest Health Advice, Daily Humor and more.

Other Themed Exhibitions of Sylvia Kula's Original Paintings:
Art Exhibition: "FEMALE WORLD" by SYLVIA KULA www.ArtExpo1.blogspot.com
Art Exhibition: "BEAUTIFUL NEW ZEALAND" by SYLVIA KULA www.ArtExpo2.blogspot.com

For PORTRAITS from your own photos visit http://www.sylviakulaart.com/ (samples & prices).